Friday, December 26, 2008

A Humble Servant

What make's you proud as a Filipino?

When was the last time you showed your patriotism to our country?

Where was the last place you have cited our Patriotic vow or our so called " Panatang Makabayan"?

Is it enough to say that you are a Filipino?

Francis Magalona a Rap-musician Tv host-actor have simply showed his devotion to his country - not only with his songs, not only with his tattoos, not only because he is a filipino but simply convincing young and adult filipino to wear symbolic and patriotic Tee's. A country that has been colonized by Spaniards and Americans will not be an easy task to convince them to show their patriotism in their country and patronize our own will.

Francis Magalona founded the FMCC - FRANCIS MAGALONA CLOTHING CO, with the help of his friends in the said company. They started with few sets of Tee's since 1990 and never came up in their mind that it will take longer up to this point in time, still running smoothly and still keep on growing. Their main concept is to inspire young filipino to support our own as a Filipino not only within the country but all over the world.

He showed a simple way to boost the moral of young filipino people and on how to be proud as one Filipino. Simply by showing inspiration with his simple but very intellectual idea. Three stars and a sun clothing company was his idea. Wearing shirts with a Three Star and One Sun it symbolizes you as a Filipino, making you proud as a Filipino.

Every Tee's that was made has a simple design but very powerful in meaning, not only because it has a 3 stars and a sun that represents our country, Philippines! But each tee's has it's own deep meaning that will describe our countries event , symbols and histories.

Here are some Tee's that represents our country made by Francis Magalona Clothing Co.

( Leukemia black, top left Cancer Tee, top right and Black Defender middle )

To give you a very good example on how great these Tee's are? One of my favorite shirt is the CANCER PHILIPPINE TEE. Francis Magalona itself explained how he did came up with this bright idea as he said:

This is just the second in series of "Cancer Awareness" shirts, and rest assured we will continue our commitment in this battle with this disease.This is the "Cancer Philippines" tee. Why is it so? Our great hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, put it so aptly with a book called "Noli Me Tangere" (Touch Me Not) and this is the social cancer that he saw a hundred or so years ago that inspired him to write this book.This cancer happens to this day. Everytime I watch the Senate & Congressional hearings about the scams and the corruption, it validates my perception that there is a moral and social cancer in our country. The disease has spread and is deep in our system.The CANCER PHILIPPINES TEE- For as long as WE, the responsible men and women of our country, fight this battle, we will not allow our country to rot and die. This cancer is more evil than the medical one. For real."

When I saw this CANCER PHILIPPINE TEE thinking this is basically CANCER AWARENESS shirt. After all I was wrong!

A bigger and a deeper meaning to understand. Simple Tee's but yet a deeper and powerful meaning from within. How unselfish act from the creator of this Tee's. We appreciate and support your idea & Intellectual right. God Bless the people behind bright and patriotic act.

With this simple way of showing concern in our country, it will help us Filipino to understand how great role we have for our country. Cure can always start from within. One Government under GOD is what do Filipino need. Let us make our country CANCER FREE!..

My simple way of sharing and showing support to our country ....

My collection of Tee's..


Proud to be a Filipino!...

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